JCI Greater Milwaukee - Our History

JCI Greater Milwaukee (formerly JCI Greenfield) began October 31, 1982. Currently, we have approximately 30 members and growing. When you join JCI Greater Milwaukee (formerly JCI Greenfield), you also become a member of JCI Wisconsin, the United States Junior Chamber and the Junior Chamber International!

Some of our signature projects are listed below:

We hold an Annual Easter Egg Scramble on the weekend prior to Easter. Every year approximately 500 children scramble to collect Easter Eggs filled with candy and prize slips. It takes months of intensive work and planning and in a matter of seconds the scramble is over! Area businesses set up booths at the scramble with information and activities for the children.

JCI Greater Milwaukee (formerly JCI Greenfield) has been involved with the City's Fourth of July Celebration for many years. From 2004 to 2010 JCI Greater Milwaukee (formerly JCI Greenfield) ran the festival including the parade, live music, a variety of food, games, and rides for the kids. The City continued to host Greenfield’s famous fireworks display. Going forward, JCI Greater Milwaukee (formerly JCI Greenfield) intends to continue with an active role in the celebration.

We host Punt, Pass and Kick; and Pitch, Hit and Run; which are free skills competitions for kids to showcase their abilities in the perspective areas.

One of our primary Ways and Means Projects throughout the year is the running of various casinos for local businesses and organizations. Through running these casinos, we are able to donate additional money to various worthy organizations and fund our activities. If you would like a casino for your company or organization, please call 414-367-4JCI (4524).